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Writing a bid proposal can take up a large amount of time, often consuming weeks and sometimes even months. Outsourcing it to a proposal writing service will increase your chance of winning a bid, as well as freeing up valuable time. Our team of writers have over thirty years of experience in winning government contracts in a number of different sectors. We can help in aiding with business development objectives and provide you with an external point of view of the proposal, increasing your chances of landing the contract that you want.

Landing a proposal presentation is an exciting, but still nerve-wracking step in the proposal process. Simply knowing the subject matter of the presentation isn’t quite enough to win your business a contract. Contract Award Consulting is here to help your business every step of the way, from the presentation length, content, media, theme, organizing, and even delivery.

Once the proposal has been submitted, government agencies will evaluate and select the proposal that best suits the needs of the project. Complete Contract Consulting has a 98.5% success rate at winning government contracts for our clients. Our skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to write proposals that fit the unique requirements of government agencies.

Our subcontractor management and reporting system helps simplify the management process and strengthen the relationship between prime contractors and subcontractors. 

Our services result in streamlined subcontracting processes, consistent compliance adherence, and deeper visibility. This gives your team more time to focus on the things that really matter, like project execution, growth, and innovation.

We do not limit ourselves to helping our client bid for their contract responsibly, we equally follow up the client after they have won the contract, during the execution and realization of the contract to make sure all contracting parties concerned achieve their respective goals and objectives.

Our contract advisory is open to free consulting for contracts in all industries. Our services is retained by the government and private agencies to search and investigate on potential companies that can handle contracts for our clients. We provide all detailed procedure and requirements to help our client understand the bidding process before they engage in any contract.

We are a FEE-ONLY contract advisory and tender procurement consultancy. This implies we are paid by our clients for services rendered. Our retainer fee and commission is paid by our clients after they are awarded the contract and the work started. In this regard our consulting agreement must be signed before we present your proposal to the contract owners.

Our contract advisory professionals are ready to represent our clients interest as their conservator or for legal services for international contracts. We negotiate our commission for representations with the clients directly as a FEE-ONLY advisory consulting firm.

About Us

A Dedicated Team Committed to our Clients with depth expertise

Since 2015, Contracts Advisory & Tender Procurement Consultancy has leveraged over several years of combined experience to negotiate and help bidders win private and government contracts through our bid proposal writing services, certification assistance, permitting & licensing, and compliance-related document management. Moreover, our highly competitive salary rates and benefits packages make our employee motivation and retention among the best in the industry. Our team is made up of the very best individuals in the contract consulting and call center industries available at your disposal and service. From small businesses to multinational corporations, Complete Contract Consulting secures government contracts with a 98.5% success rate. 

Contract Awarding Ceremonies to successful bidding companies and individuals with most favorable offer and resources to execute accordingly. We guide on open invitations to tender for a contract and there are restricted invitations to tender.

Work with C.A.T.P.C SARL On Your Next Opportunity Learn more about how C.A.T.P.C can help you land the government contract you want.

Extensive knowledge and expertise in all facets of contract procurement areas.

Our firm is proud to serve both our communities and our clients by bringing them together in a way that maximizes both productivity and effectiveness. We strive to provide the ideal match between private and government agencies and contract-seekers that takes into account all facets of both, to ensure a long and fruitful partnership for both parties respectively.

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Fully Licensed And Insured Contract Advisory Tender Procurement Consulting Services. Evaluation and Selection Once the proposal has been submitted, government agencies will evaluate and select the proposal that best suits the needs of the project. Contract Advisory & Tender Procurement Consulting has a 98.5% success rate at help our client in winning government & private sector contracts for our clients throughout the ZEMAC zone. Our skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to write proposals that fit the unique requirements of government and private agencies. Most public and private contracts are awarded on the criteria of the bidder with the most suitable offer/price quote and resources to execute the awarded contract without difficulties or full down payments in some.

Committed to success

The process of securing government contracts is complex. Complete Contract Consulting has proven skills in finding and procuring the ideal contract for each client while also creating a proposal designed to fit the specific requirements laid out by the government agency.

Tender Sourcing

Tendering, also known as sourcing or solicitation occurs after all requirements have been defined and compiled into a document with terms, conditions, delivery schedules and instructions to offerors wishing to propose. This is when potential contractors can review all of the necessary items and submit.

Procurement Plans

The first step in the procurement cycle involves identifying the need that must be filled within a government agency. Our Acquisition Agents manually search for government bid requests that fit the capabilities of our clients, meaning that you will never get unrelated bid. 


Once a need has been identified, the unique requirements for each individual need must be defined. It is important to properly lay out the requirements before solicitation or sourcing. This helps ensure that our clients have all the necessary capabilities to meet the needs of the  government. 

contract selection

Every client will be assigned a personal advisory Agent to research and procure contracts that fit the client’s skillset. We never uses algorithms or keywords to pull automatic lists that may or may not fit client capabilities. We research to ensure all bid request sent to the client has a 99.99% chance of pursued.

Proposal writing

Our skilled team of writers has over 30 years of combined experience to draw from when writing proposals. Each writer knows the ins and outs of what government agencies look for in a proposal and help businesses display their offerings in a way that stands out to the evaluating agent..

Contract awarding

A proposal audited by our team has a 98.5% chance of winning a contract. With our deferred payment options, clients will never have to pay a thing until a contract has been won and the work has begun. Once a contract has been awarded, our team can help to ensure that clients are meeting goals for government agencies.



Our average cliental rating is 4.8 / 5 based on 2.549 Contract reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

Without your help we could never have won our first government supplies contract of industrial equipment for Chad pipeline project & other supply installation contracts within OHADA member countries.
SPECOPA LTD will always remember CATPC for all their committed assistance throughout our bidding, wining and realization of the MBVOUDA construction project with realized successfully in the Northern region.

We work 24/7 as proof of our commitment to see our clients goals and needs achieved

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